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Please take a moment to now to accept your 2023 Hayek membership card because no other group in America can march AFP's national grassroots organization and its leadership in stopping some of the worst proposals coming out of Washington.

With the new narrow electoral victory that ended one-party control in Washington, your support of Americans for Prosperity for 2023 takes on even greater importance and urgency.

When you accept your membership card and join with a special donation, you are joining other likeminded Americans in a hard-hitting drive to stop the worst public policy threats coming out of Congress and the Biden administration.

You will be fighting to not only stop new wasteful spending but to start using the powers of the purse strings to cut previous inflationary spending.

Additionally, you will be a key supporter of efforts to have the U.S. House use its Constitutional oversight powers to expose government over-reach and drive real reforms.  What’s more, this card says you are a vocal defender of free speech.

Last year you enabled our critical leadership on slashing the biggest proposals for massive additional inflationary spending, blocking socialized medicine Public Option, giving decisive grassroots support to more than 200 limited government gubernatorial and state legislative candidates, and much more.  In these state races, AFP and LIBRE educated and mobilized suburban swing voters, infrequent aligned voters and freedom-loving Latino voters.

At the same time, you helped make AFP successful in fighting efforts in state capitols, from coast-to-coast, that would harm education choices and control for parents, limit free speech, create additional tax and regulatory burdens, and rollback some of the health care freedoms that were achieved during COVID.

An example of which is that in a victory for free speech we continued building coalitions that have now won victories in eleven states to outlaw speech codes and speech zones at public universities and colleges.

Your support of Americans for Prosperity is making a real difference, right now, both in Washington, D.C. and in many of the states. 

We hope we have earned your support.

In particular, we need your support since in addition to fighting for cuts in inflationary wasteful spending, with your support AFP will be fighting battles such as:

•    Harmful government regulations and poorly designed subsidies in health care have led to special interests controlling the system, instead of patients and their doctors.

•    The immigration situation at the southern border is unsustainable and poses grave humanitarian and security risks.

•    Our criminal justice system is failing to prevent more victims from being created and failing to solve property and violent crimes.

Please renew your critical support by clicking here.  It is one of the most powerful steps you can take the fight for America’s future and change our current trajectory.

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