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Washington’s inflationary and reckless spending and excessive regulation have put us on an unsustainable path that will mean even greater hardships in the future.  

We must turn this nation away from these failed policies that are based on the mistaken belief that government can and should solve all our problems.

AFP’s Prosperity is Possible campaign, with its unprecedented combination of videos, commercials, and national grassroots activists will rally record numbers of Americans to demand real and lasting change.

Specifically, it will help drive solutions that:

  • Reduce Inflation - Americans face cost-of-living crises to overcome record-high inflation caused by wasteful Washington spending and over-regulation.  This must end and end quickly.
  • Unleash energy abundance – To create energy abundance Prosperity is Possible is fighting to force the government to allow the market to deliver the right mix of energy at the lowest cost.  This means cutting through government’s red tape limiting energy abundance and instead building a robust supply chain.

  • Empower the workforce – With the goal of building an abundant economy, AFP is fighting for a flexible workforce that advances worker choice and flexibility, while protecting and expanding worker freedoms.  

I understand that this is going to be a massive and sustained effort to change our nation’s trajectory.  That is why I am clicking here to make a special monthly gift, that I can cancel at any time, to support the AFP and the Prosperity is Possible strategy.  

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