You can take a major step right now to save America.

Join the fight for America by joining with Americans for Prosperity (AFP). AFP is this nation’s premier grassroots organization with a track record of advancing policy reforms that help people improve their lives.

When you read virtually any headline these days it is clear that the future of our country is at stake. We need a massive outpouring for principled solutions that stay true to the ideals articulated in the Declaration of Independence.

The threats to those ideals and our country’s future are growing – from both Washington, D.C. and in state capitals, where we see renewed calls for the top-down, failed ideas and policies of the past – socialism, nationalism, and cronyism. 

Some of the worse ideas from Washington include proposals to:

  • Restrict freedom of speech
  • Massively increase spending and hike taxes
  • Impose new barriers on the economy
  • Expand government-control of health care
  • Add additional seats to the U.S. Supreme Court

Americans for Prosperity is an unmatched bold voice for principled policy solutions fighting tooth and nail for a better future. 

These battles will ultimately be won because you enable Americans for Prosperity to bring overwhelming grassroots pressure and hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire.

Supporters like you help further expand our unmatched, one-of-kind, permanent grassroots infrastructure that has achieved critical policy victories such as when we provided the “boots on the ground” support for historical tax reform, critical nominees to the Supreme Court nominees and protection of our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. AFP flooded Capitol Hill with more than a million messages of support from concerned Americans like you.

Your donation is an investment in future building what is already the largest grassroots organization fighting for the principles articulated by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence.  

To put it even more simply, your support today will enable AFP to undertake this major effort to build opposition to the worst threats from Washington while at the same time drive positive reforms in the states.

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